What are the options to improve my smile?

Improve smile with invisible aligners
Improve smile with invisible aligners

When are invisible aligners a good solution?

For teeth needing mild to moderate correction, like straightening, spacing, crowding or minor bite issues, invisible aligners might be a good option. Invisible aligners are clear, plastic trays that fit to teeth and straighten them gently over a period of several months. They’re considered good alternatives to metal braces for those who are good candidates.

Are there different types of invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are available in two ways: Through dental or orthodontic offices, or by mail through the teledentistry model. In-office aligners require monthly dental visits with doctors to ensure teeth are moving according to plan. At-home invisible aligner treatments are monitored remotely by doctors and require no in-office visits, presenting a more convenient option. Because of this, at-home aligners cost less than in-office aligners.

When should I consider traditional braces?

If your smile needs more intensive correction, like aligning a complex bite problem or extreme crowding or spacing issues, traditional braces could be the best option for you. With braces, metal brackets are glued to teeth and connected by a wire that is tightened to move teeth to the desired position. This treatment requires monthly in-office visits and takes 2 years to complete, on average.

How do I know if I need dentures or veneers?

If missing or chipped teeth are your concern, you may want to explore dentures or veneers. Both solutions use realistic false teeth to replace missing ones. Sometimes, these methods are considered cosmetic procedures, so be sure to check your dental insurance to determine your coverage before moving forward with treatment.

Which teeth straightening solution is right for me?

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Invisible Aligners:
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